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✨✨In this webinar we will share with you the 3 most important things you need to know to create a sustainable, evidence-based, essential oil program in your hospital and we will expose the most common pitfalls you want to avoid that will bring a new aromatherapy programs to a stop; even before it get started!!!

A sustainable, evidence-based essential oil therapy program can bring to your health care setting the following benefits: 

Improved nurse retention 
Overall job satisfaction by decreasing perceived workplace stress
Increased patient satisfaction
Safe outcomes, decreased overnight hospital stays due to post-op nausea/vomiting or urinary retention.
JACHO advised non-pharmacological options for managing pain, restful sleep, anxious feelings and nausea.

But...creating a sustainable, evidence-based essential oils program for a health care setting can also seem overwhelming in the beginning. 

Essential oil therapy and aromatherapy is not new and many places are using them daily with patients and staff... but on the other hand we often hear from nurses in hospitals and health care settings who have started and essential oil program, have experienced amazing results, and then run into some major unforeseen roadblocks that bring their program to a SCREECHING HALT!!!

👍- Any nurse who wants to bring oils into your hospital or practice but don't know where to start
👍- Any nurse who is an expert in essential oils - and just need help with translating that into a policy and protocols 
👍- Any nurse who is new to using essential oils, but have patients or staff asking about aromatherapy as an option
👍- Any nurse who is "back to the drawing board" or who has experienced a major set back with your efforts to bring essential oils into your hospital

We believe anyone can create an essential oils or aromatherapy program... but not everyone will create a program that will be evidence-based, sustainable, and able stand up to the opposition that WILL come up along the way. 

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    3 Keys to Creating a Sustainable, Evidence Based Essential Oil Program - WEBINAR

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